Facsimile | Girls' Club Collection



Girls' Club Collection

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Exhibition Description:

Facsimile is a group exhibition of works from the collection of Francie Bishop Good + David Horvitz and others in Girls' Club mezzanine gallery. Works by artists Ghada Amer, Kevin Arrow, Amanda Burnham, Sarah Lucas, Amy Mahnick, Rita McBride, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova and others explore the ambivalence of fetish objects and the spaces we contemplate them in. They represent simulacra of reality, and employ tracings, erasures, voids, and double entendres. The works in Facsimile derive from a distinctly American pop cultural sensibility in which a familiar subject is re-presented as useless, its function disabled, enjoyed merely as a sign or a brand. Andy Warhol's Brillo box is a perfect example. A comment on consumerism and the easy availability of mass-produced uniform items, the production of facsimiles by artists is a critique of the homogeneity of American culture.